David Maciejewski

David Maciejewski

I'm a passionate Front-end Architect and Freelancer from Germany. I love to prototype, to design, to write super clean HTML5, CSS3/SASS and JavaScript code. And I love to interact with people: On Google+ 7.4K people are following me – they viewed my content 15.4 million times. It sounds crazy, but I'm also able to program complex CMS, shops, backends and plugins from scratch, too. That's what I've been doing for more than 15 years.

I like to share my experience with others: In 2005 I founded the first German audio podcast for web developers “Technikwürze” (more than 180 episodes, 1.8M all-time downloads) and co-founded the well known video podcast “TechnikLOAD” (137 episodes) in 2010. I write technology articles, feel well on stage, take photos and videos with my Canon and GoPRO and publish the history magazine “chronico”. I registered my first Domain macx.de in 1997.

Contact me: hello@macx.io, Web: macx.io



  • Front-end:
  • HTML5
  • CSS3 / Sass
  • Mobile-First
  • Responsive
  • Bootstraps
  • Styleguides
  • Programming:
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • PHP
  • API
  • AJAX
  • Toolchain:
  • Grunt
  • Gulp
  • node.js
  • JSlint
  • Bower
  • SemVer
  • CI
  • Design:
  • Photography
  • Prototyping
  • Photoshop CC
  • UX/UI
  • Data:
  • json
  • MySQL
  • OGP
  • local storage
  • Teamwork:
  • loving
  • optimizing
  • learning
  • motivating
  • playing
  • Media:
  • audio podcast
  • video
  • screencasts
  • production
  • publishing

I cant't stop and working hard on learning…

  • Future skills:
  • Functional JavaScript
  • AngularJS
  • Continuous integration


Front-end Architect / Freelancer

May 2015 - present

With my long experience as a Web Developer and Front-end Architect, I'm responsible the whole frame of a modern, unique and fast performing website. Beginning from understanding the customers needs, to the Concept, Design, Coding Standards, HTML, CSS and Sass, JavaScript, Documentation, Styleguides and Pattern Librariers. I know the cascade, semantics and I'm able to choose the best setup and style for a project.

I'm open for hiring. Please send me an enquiry.

Contact me

My private projects

2000 - present

I'm supporting the Web Platform (Resources for Web Developers), Webkrauts (Group of Web Developers in Germany) and anybody with questions using Social Media and my Podcasts.

  • Visit my Open Source projects at GitHub
    shared own repositories and contributed to other open source projects
    • SocialMediaEnhancer
      WordPress plugin to enhance blogs with open graph data and social media sharing possibilies
    • sass-mixins
      Mobile first Sass Mixins - based on simplicity
    • labs-default
      Default formatting for all my demos in codepen and other platforms.
  • chronico
    history magazine; founder, self programmed CMS and media management
  • AniMels
    developed a online shop with a implementation of payment; products for dogs and cats
  • Technikwürze
    founded 2005 as the first german – and most listened to – audio podcast for web developers
  • Photography
    I love to take photos and share them with others. This is my New Zealand Gallery.


My primary business currently is in Germany. But I also worked with multilingual teams in Switzerland (2000 - 2005) and Bosnia and Herzegovina (1999 - 2000).

Front-end Developer

November 2013 - April 2015
Neoskop (agency for digital communications)
Hanover (Germany)
  • Refactored HTML5- / CSS3 based Campaign Specials and Product Pages and enhanced it with CSS animations and competition forms with validation service layers.
  • Programmed a Middleware (API Service) to connect the Front-end with the clients validation and data services. This reduced the developement workflow of new projects substantially.
  • Standardized the developement, workflow and toolchain of SPAs on a AngularJS basis (Apps were honored with the “Best of Mobile Award 2014”)
  • Build Front-end Bootstraps and Styleguides to support the collaboration between the team and the clients.
  • Introduced a protocol test and validation for submitting data to the clients Service.

Front-end Developer

January 2010 - October 2013
yeebase media / t3n (magazine for digital business)
Hanover (Germany)
  • Design and code a consistent and clean front-end across all used back-end platforms (WordPress, symfony, OXID and TYPO3) to optimize internal developement and user experience.
  • Helped increasing the traffic from 200,000 Visits in 2010 to 1.85 Million Visits in 2013 by developing a modern and performant front-end. The Pageviews increased from 400,000 in 2010 to 4.40 Million in 2013.
  • Co-Founder and hosted a weekly video podcast TechnikLOAD to supply web developers, smartphone geeks and social media engaged people with new technology and news. With the 137 episodes I made it became a success in brand building and trust. The latest episodes I made had 30 to 89,000 Downloads (mostly iTunes/RSS) and growing.
  • Developement und publishing the new mobile site at a creativity sprint to increase mobile traffic and user engagement.
  • Visited national and international conferences to stay in direct contact with the readers and supporters.
  • Editor of technology related articles for a large reading public.
  • Designed Banner, Teaser and Issue-related campaigns to promote and sell the print magazine t3n.

Team Lead Web Developer

February 2008 - December 2009
RpunktDESIGN (full service agency)
Hanover (Germany)
Prototyping, design (with a special focus on web accessibility) of websites for clients whom I taught in large groups how to use the system we built. Formed and led a talented front-end developer team. Established standards to deploy unified TYPO3 installations and coding guidelines to increase productivity and profitability. Developed a highly effective and user friendly ad-generator for the marketing team of a big german tourist company to create full-resolution ads for magazines.

Senior Front-end Developer

August 2007 - January 2008
sevenload (influential german video platform)
Cologne (Germany)
  • Led the developer team and established new processes to deliver clean web standards code.
  • Redesigned the whole video platform sevenload from scratch (technically, user interface, user experience) with a highly optimized code base (HTML, CSS, JavaScript).
  • Built white-label video platforms for clients like the car manufacturer BMW. I used the latest Front-end technologies and created new jQuery-plugins to achieve a great user experience. This site was awarded with the ame awards for advertising and marketing effectiveness.

Web Developer

February 2005 - July 2007
Ahlers Heinel (full service agency)
Hanover (Germany)
Concept, design and production of web sites. Established web accessibility and code validation in the working processes. I programmed an online budget system to handle critical international financial transactions, including automated bank transfers and synchronisation of the balance. The system is able to create PDF bills and analyze all incoming and outgoing money traffic. This allowed Ahlers Heinel to found a new company and created new jobs.

Process and Service Integration (Web)

foreign country
July 2000 - June 2005
Client 1: The Sourcing Group AG
Client 2: VeBS AG
Zurich (Schweiz)
State-of-the-art user interfaces for multi-language websites and content management systems.


July 2000 - June 2005
macx online
Celle, Hanover (Germany)
Consulting and concept, print products and websites for national and international clients (Germany and Switzerland), self programmed CMS.

Senior Layouter

foreign country
Nov. 1999 - February 2000
Headquarter SFOR, CJPOTF (NATO)
Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Second deployment abroad (soldier of German army), layout and production of the high-circulation youth magazine “Mirko” in three versions (Cyrillic, Latin and English), layout and production of “Herald of Progress” in a multinational environment (military personnel from USA, GBR, DEN and GER), coordination with local Bosnian print facilities. During that time I taught myself HTML and CSS my means of hand coding.

Senior Layouter

foreign country
March 1999 - July 1999
Headquarter SFOR, CJICTF (NATO)
Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
First deployment abroad (soldier of German army), layout and print of the youth magazine “Mirko” and the newspaper “Herald of Progress” (see description above).

Layouter, Creative & Journalist

July 1996 - June 2000
German Army, PsyOp Company (OpInfo)
Mayen (Germany)
Drawings (product mascot), writing articles, layout youth magazine “Mirko” in three languages, working for the local news paper “Rheinzeitung” (Andernach, Germany)


  • German (native)
  • English (colloquial)
  • Māori


University of Applied Sciences Entrance Qualification

July 1994 - June 1996
College of Further Education in Design (FOS Gestaltung)
Hanover (Germany)

Vocational Basic Education Year in Media and Design

July 1993 - June 1994
College of Further Education (BGJ)
Celle (Germany)

Secondary School Level I Certificate

July 1992 - June 1993
High School
Celle (Germany)